Sri Lankan Popular singer, shihan miriranga raised his voice..

Shihan mihiranga is the popular and skilled professional singer in srilanka. He was a star among young generation when he performed super star TV program. Every person in srilanka know about him and he said that many times he is being bother because his popular image.

Any way this days he is being inconvenient, because some people doing Hateful things for Scandal him. Even he faced to the police cases. In this video you can find more details about popular singer shihan mihiranga.

Tearful story behind innocent girl – Every Man Must Watch This video

All of like to live wealth life. For that we have to earn money. Some of people doing respectable jobs and living like a gentlemen and ladies. But every person can’t live like this way. Some of people even struggling to find foods and cloths.

A girl posted her own story to the face book. It is tearful story behind her life story. She wrote this poem to her ex-boyfriend who cheated her very badly. But she still loves him. She asked many questions from his ex-boyfriend but she never expected answers from anyone. You can watch all details on this video.

World’s miracle city-Dubai How does Dubai make its money? – This Is The Story

UAE has the word tallest building. It is taller than 3000 feet’s. The total cost of this building is around 1 million dollars. Dubai is the dream city with miracle things like buildings, restaurants and many other luxury things. Even Dubai police, used to drive luxury cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari.

Petroleum is the commen thing in the UAE. But Dubai is not a city, which developing with support of Petroleum. Dubai is famous to business and investments. It is the world famous tourism city in the world nowadays. You can figure many things about dubai in this video.

New invention of sri lankan army ; Mongoose army force.

From ancient times, animals have been used in military operations. We have many factors to prove in our history. We heard that elephants and horses are main characters in Military ground. As well as dogs are playing main role in the Crime Investigation. It’s a normal thing and it’s happening worldwide.

But Sri Lanka Army is using an animal that is not used anywhere else in the world. They made a force of Mongoose first time in the world. For this force they used Mongoose team. You can find more details about this wonderful Mongoose team, on this video

Famous Actress Ishara Sandamini’s dream becomes a reality.

Ishara Sandamini is the famous actress, who wins srilankan’s heart mostly. She is a professional and skilled actress in Sinhala cinema. And she won most famous actress award on 2016. Yesterday we heard that she became a Ayurvedic doctor in srilanka.
Her graduation ceremony was held at Bandaranayake Memorial International Conference Hall, Colombo.

Ishara Sandamini’s home town is mathara and at the very first she studied at Sujatha Balika Vidyalaya in Matara and her next school was Devi Balika in Colombo. She posted her some of memorable photos to the facebook. You can watch her details on this video.

Red light for the parliament ministers,who representing srilankan government

Past few days ministers,who representing sri lanka government cause to the different problems island wide.Some of them Release statements which harmful to srilanka’s peace. In fact for point out this facts, china and Russia embassies sent two letters to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka. Officers said that they were included number of serious issues.

Political sources reported, China and Russia released a warning to the srilankan government because ministers behaving Malicious to those countries and past srilankan government.Any way you can find more details about this incident in this video.

Indika ginige, Who was talented actor on srilankan cinema was passed away.

Nowadays srilankan cinema is spending bit of the hard time. We heard a bad news on today morning. Indika ginige is the skilled,handsome popular actor in the srilankan cinema industry. Yesterday evening he was passed away. That is very sad news for who love indika ginige and his peformances.

He was a very handsome guy same as dasun nishan. Every srilankans can’t even imagine what happened to this young generation on film industry. His fans were shocked after hearing this news and everyone showing their deepest sympathy to this young actor’s family.You can watch all of the details on this video.

Now She is a Mother.. Knachan medis Came back to Sri Lanka

Famous actress “kanchana mendis”-face to face interview. Kanchana mendis is a very famous actress in the srilankan cinema.She is very popular actress who wins every srilankan’s heart. She is proudly mother of the three daughters.Now she is living from England.Yesterday she came to srilanka for spend a holiday with her family.

In this time he faced to a interview.This interview was conducted by ariyawansha kulathilaka.She said that she came here to spend 35 days.In this interview she revealed many things about her life and about life syle of londan.If you want to know about more details of her please watch this video.

Put A Bar Of Soap Under Bed Before You Sleep

Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is very common today, affecting almost 10% of the population. It can be incredible uncomfortable, and cause you to lose a lot of sleep. Basically, RLS is an uncomfortable prickling, itching, or crawling sensation in the legs, resulting in an irresistible urge to move them around to relieve the sensation. If you have it, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

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Most popural little actor on the saroja movie-nithyawani kandaswami.

“Saroja” movie was a most successful film in the srilankan film industry. Every srilankan used to love who acted in this film as a saroja. Now she is young girl. Her name is nithyawani kandaswami. She is the most attractive little girl on this movie. Every one known as her saroja not nithyawani.

This cute girl is teenager now. We thought everyone will like to know her current status. We gather some of her information for you. Now she is working at wasantham Tv and studying for become a doctor. You can watch all of her details on this video.