Indika ginige, Who was talented actor on srilankan cinema was passed away.

Nowadays srilankan cinema is spending bit of the hard time. We heard a bad news on today morning. Indika ginige is the skilled,handsome popular actor in the srilankan cinema industry. Yesterday evening he was passed away. That is very sad news for who love indika ginige and his peformances.

He was a very handsome guy same as dasun nishan. Every srilankans can’t even imagine what happened to this young generation on film industry. His fans were shocked after hearing this news and everyone showing their deepest sympathy to this young actor’s family.You can watch all of the details on this video.

This incident is witness of the humanity.

Some times we thought some incidents are hard to believe. This is the one of them.Sometimes you may don’t believe this.but this is truth.Homeless persons are not a rare in the streets.But it is rare to find a help or food for them.but some of the young people came forward to help a homeless poor person.

This homeless person used to live in the street.He is suffering mental illness and didn’t bathe several years.This young people clean him and offering a new cloths to wear.After all, this homeless person sent to the hospitsal to additional treatments.This is what they posted on the can find all the details in this video.